Our Wedding!

The Wedding Day


Meet Future Mr & Mrs Peterson!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. How we decided that we should be together forever!

Ben Peterson

Written by the Bride

Logan is my oldest friend. He is charming, responsible, quirky, God-loving, and heartfelt all in one package. I was introduced to this awesome dude for the first time ever on an impromptu trip to the local…

Jen Wallace

Written by the Groom

Though she is the sweetest person on Earth, sometimes she can be intimidating as well. Or that was just me thinking of doing a proposal and horrified at the thought that she might refuse it..


Our Beautiful Moments

Follow All Wedding Events!

Spread across a few days and starting with the wedding rehearsal and bachelor (ette) parties….

Wedding Rehearsal

 Everyone will be very impressed with the beautiful venue.

19 September, 2016
02:00 PM
St James church
Brooklyn, NY

Bachelor Party

The latest chance for the groom to have a good time with friends

19 September, 2016
02:00 PM
St James church
Brooklyn, NY

Bachelorette Party

The perfect time to get the girls together and make merry.

19 September, 2016
02:00 PM
St James church
Brooklyn, NY

The Reception

Gonna Be Huge!

Taking into an account more than 300 guests that are gonna attend, we plan for a huge party!
It will come with awesome live rock music, just as well as a DJ, delicious food and sparkling alcohol that’s all on us!

The Church

It’s So Beautiful!

The St. Michael’s church is one of the biggest Methodist churches in the local area.
Considering how religious both of our families are we’re extra happy with this location for the ceremony!

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Wedding Gift Ideas

We are more into experiences, not really material things. So, you attending our wedding is enough, but if you must know….here’s our wish list!

The Guestbook

Meet the Groomsmen & Maids of Honor!

Our best friends who will help us and we highly appreciate that! Thanks for being there with us! We feel your help within the time and wish it lasts forever…

Jane Atkins

My younger sister. This sweetest womanlooked up to her and wouldn’t be that kind of a person…

John Hapstellow

John is the most important part of my life, always being that big older brother kind of a role model…

Mary Winkie

Mary is my older sister and ultimately, on par with Olivia, my best and dearest friend of all.

Our Wedding



Some Thoughts on Our Wedding Day

The Proposal

July 12, 2016

Coming up with a unique proposal idea was challenging, indeed…

But we are asking in love and sincerity that you choose to bless us only…

Talking about those of our guests who will come from afar, fly into…